Kerala ePass – online application, rules, status of Jagratha Covid Pass

The Rules, Status, and Rules of Procedure – Jagratha Covid Pass Apply Online, Registration of Kerala E Passes is available on and via the official website. Another type of virus occurred mostly in December 2019 over the world and was called the Coronavirus scientifically titled Covid-19. This virus came from China and significantly afflicted the whole world together with India. On 30 January’20, India reported its first case.

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Kerala ePass

As the virus is communicated by direct contact, people were told to avoid public venues and other heavily populated sites. At first, because to the infectious disease, the Indian government blocked every citizen from leaving the country or coming back to India, and no market was allowed to open because of the communicable virus. Now, following a 17-month reign of the coronavirus, India was struck by a new wave of the virus.

Registration for the Kerala ePass can be done on the official website. This time, every state is not being hit the same, therefore it would be difficult to put into place a national lockdown. As a result, several state governments are placing states under lockdown to handle their own unique crises.

Jagratha Covid Pass registration

The Pinarayi Vijayan administration, is worried about the number of reported cases in Kerala, has ordered a ten-day shutdown in the state that started on Thursday, May 6. The shutdown begins on May 8 and will end on May 16, ’21. She also unveiled a list of rules that would be enforced in the lockdown. In this system, unpredictable movement is barred.

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Kerala ePass

Nevertheless, a newly launched online site, called Kerala Jagratha, is designed to allow the creation of Kerala movement emergency passes, which citizens can use for urgent travel. Kerala’s varied requirements are now easier to satisfy thanks to a unified marketplace for service offerings. It additionally covers details on various Kerala medical facilities available.

Kerala movement E pass

The confusing process of getting E-passes on the Kerala Jagratha portal can confuse the general people. To put it another way, our goal is to explain how to register for a Kerala e-pass via Jagratha Portal in simple and easy steps.

The two registration categories that are available via the Kerala Jagratha portal are…

1). Citizens in Kerala, who are travelling in or out of the state due to an emergency.
2). In Kerala, business entrepreneurs who frequently travel back and forth for work-related reasons.

Kerala ePass Registration for citizens

either a resident of Kerala or someone visiting from outside the state, you will have to obtain an E pass to enter domestically, enter or visit the country internationally, be granted guest privileges, or come for a short stay and complete the following procedures

1). To go into the Jagratha portal, check out this link: Covid-19 Jagratha Government of Kerala.
2). When you are asked, favour the citizens’ choice.
3). To continue, select the kind of event registration from the drop-down menu.
4). To activate your account, you will be requested to give your cell number and confirm 5). the number using the OTP sent to your phone.
6). You’ll be given the rules to follow for your e-pass so take the time to read the instructions thoroughly before moving forward.
7). Apply for the Epass, by filling out the application.
9). Click on the save option after filling in all of the mandatory information.

Once you finish the form on the Kerala Jagratha portal, you will get an SMS confirming your state permission for the Kerala mobility E pass on your mobile number.

Kerala Covid Pass Registration for business owners

The following actions should be followed by business owners in Kerala who need to travel during the shutdown but do not have an E-pass:

1). You can check out the Kerala Jagrata Portal through the URL supplied.
2). Choose a company’s owner from the homepage.
3). Click on the Visitor Register option.
4). Your phone will receive an OTP which you will need to verify with a provided phone number.
5). On the next page, you will see a blank application form, and you will enter the necessary details like the duration of your visit.
6). After hitting the “Save” button, your registration will be finished.

In this instance, you are registered as a business owner who needs to travel and has to obtain an E pass to travel to and from work. When your application is approved, you will receive a text message on your cell phone.


Owing to unexpected travel issues, the Kerala government has made travel passes available via the Kerala Jagratha portal, to individuals and business owners who need to get around in a place where roads are closed due to emergency issues. Avoiding public places and congested environments is crucial in protecting our health in current circumstances.

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